Gang Rape

Men gang-rape woman, smash skull with bricks

Mother of 23-year-old victim who was killed in attack north of Delhi had alerted authorities about one of the accused. An Indian woman was gang-raped and then brutally murdered by men who smashed her skull with bricks after she had threatened to inform authorities, police in the northern state of Haryana said on Monday, 15 MAY 2017. Two men were ...

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Two Bihar youths held for gang rape of Delhi minor

MUZAFFARPUR Two youths of Brahmapura village in Muzaffarpur district, 70 kms north of Patna, were arrested late on Saturday (May 09, 2017) evening in connection with the recent gang rape of a minor girl of New Delhi. Senior superintendent of police, Muzaffarpur, Vivek Kumar, said the duo was studying in Delhi and preparing for engineering competitive examination. The arrested youths ...

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