‘Child rapist’ is tied up and beaten by women

  • Women were filmed beating a man with sticks after he allegedly raped a child
  • The incident, filmed by an onlooker, is thought to have happened in India
  • Video shows the man one woman dragging the man across the ground with rope
  • Dozens of women and children look on as the women take turns hitting the man

An alleged rapist was tied up and beaten with sticks by a several women after he was accused of sexually assaulting a child.

In a video believed to be filmed in India, three women surround a man, tie his hands behind his back and drag him across the ground with a long rope while using sticks to beat him.

Dozens of women and children look on as the women take turns swatting the man with large sticks.

The man doesn’t appear to fight the beating, and instead lies on the ground as the women continue to hit him with sticks.
Footage ends with a clip of a police officer speaking to crowds as the alleged rapist lies on the ground nearby, still tied up.
The details of the alleged rape are unknown.
Video of the women getting their revenge on the man was uploaded to LiveLeak, where it has been watched more than 23,000 times.
Sexual assault continues to be a national issue in India, where the number of reported rapes in the country is in the tens of thousands each year.

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