College girl gang-raped in temple

INDORE: A 23-year-old college student was raped by three persons in a temple in an isolated area of Dhar district in MP on Monday morning. Thanks to her presence of mind, all the suspects were arrested within hours.
The woman was visiting Patlawad village near Dhamnod to meet her boyfriend when she was waylaid by one of the rapists. “She came by bus to settle a lovers’ quarrel and was waiting near the temple, close to a stone mine, when one of the accused approached her, asking why she was all alone,” Dhamnod police station in-charge Mohan Jat told TOI .
“He advised her to move into the temple compound to for her safety. But he summoned two others, who locked the channel gate to the temple and then took turns to rape her.”
The trio left her in the temple and fled. She called up her boyfriend, but his phone was switched off. She then dialed one of his friends, who called police.
Despite her trauma, she had noted that one of the rapists rode a bike that had a sticker saying ‘Sanju Baba’. She told this to counsellors and gave descriptions of the three men. Police tracked down the bike and arrested 30-year-old Sanjay Patel, who broke down during interrogation and admitted to the crime. He named his friends Akhilesh Patel, 25, and Mahadev Patidar, 45, who were quickly rounded up.
Jat said the temple is still under construction and an idol of Lord Shiva is to be installed there.

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