Doctor acquitted in rape case as woman resiles from complaint

A doctor has been acquitted of charge of raping a woman, whom he had met through a matrimonial website, by a Delhi court after she deposed that the physical relations were established with her consent. The court said no incriminating evidence has come on record against the doctor and absolved him of the charges.
“From close scrutiny of testimony of the woman, the star witness of the case, no incriminating evidence has come on record to proceed further. Hence, in these circumstances further trial of the case would not serve any purpose,” Additional Sessions Judge Ramesh Kumar said. A case was lodged in July last year on the woman’s allegation that she came in contact with the man through a matrimonial site and they started communicating over phone.
The man, posted in a hospital in Jodhpur, proposed marriage and asked her to meet him in Delhi. In June last year, the man met her and took her to a hotel in Paharganj area in central Delhi where he consumed liquor and forcibly established physical relations with her, the woman had alleged.
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She alleged that the man refused to marry her after which she lodged a complaint against him. However, the woman changed her stand in the court and deposed that the physical relations were established with her consent. She said the man had neither threatened her nor took her obscene videos or photographs.
Asked by the judge as to why she filed the complaint against the man when the physical relations were consensual, the woman said when she reminded him that he had proposed marriage, he sought time for it. She became suspicious of his intentions and thought that he was avoiding her. So she lodged the complaint.

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