Indian girl gang raped by 7 during lockdown

Despite strict lockdown measures in India, a 19-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by seven men, including three minors in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday evening. Indian tweeps have shared “shocking” news reports of the crime that took place in Betul village.

The victim was reportedly raped about 4km from her village. According to the police, she had accompanied her brother on his motorcycle to go to a petrol pump. On their way back home, the headlight of the motorcycle stopped working. When her brother was trying to fix it, the duo were attacked by three men who came on two motorcycles.

A terrifying incident happened in a village of India where an 18-year old girl and her 21-year old brother were returning home after refueling their motorbike. #AttemptedMurder #Gangrape #india #Kidnapp #madhyapradesh #rape #Sexualassault #StateOfIndia

The accused first attacked the brother and threw him into a well and thereafter took the victim to a stop dam nearby.

At the stop dam, the three were joined by four others who took turns to rape her.

According to the sub-divisional officer of police at the local Padhar station, the brother of the victim managed to come out of the well and called his family for help.

“While searching for the victim, the family members managed to get hold of one of the accused. They informed the police.

However, before help could reach them, the accused escaped from the spot leaving behind his shirt in which he was carrying an identity card. From the card he was identified as Lokesh Senia, police said.

The family members found the victim lying unconscious, near the stop dam.

Local police cordoned off the entire area on Wednesday night and on early Thursday morning, and detained five people including Sandeep Handiya, Shubham Bele and three minors.

According to an article on the Indian website, police said: “The five were identified by the victim on Thursday and have now been arrested.”

Including, Lokesh Senia, two accused remain at large, one has still not been identified.

According to the police a massive manhunt has been launched to nab the two missing accused. Police said all the seven accused worked as labourers in the area.

“We have gathered some information about the two absconding accused and they will be arrested soon,” they added.

The medical examination of the victim was done on Thursday after which a case of gang rape was registered. Police officials have said that after the investigation is complete the case would be put up in a fast-track court for a speedy trial.

While India’s lockdown has been extended for two more weeks, crimes against women and children continue to rise in the country.

Tweeps have shared the reports asking lawmakers to take immediate action.

Tweep @Himanshi0202 asked: “When are women going to feel safe?”

And Facebook user Amrita Raj posted: “Took so long to hang Nirbhaya rapists, now how long will this case take? Why do we take so long to punish rapists?”
Just last week in Madhya Pradesh, a 53-year-old visually challenged banker was attacked and raped at her home in Bhopal and a six-year-old girl was sexually abused before her eyes were gouged out and she was left to die.

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