Kerala nun rape case: Accused priest files bail plea in HC

NEW DELHI: Franco Mulakkal, the senior priest accused of raping a nun, has filed a bail plea in the Kerala high court. The matter will be heard later on Tuesday. The move from the senior catholic priest comes just a day before he has to appear before the police for the investigation of the case.

Earlier, Mulakkal had written to Pope Francis to seek his permission to “step aside temporarily” from administrative responsibilities of his diocese since he would be busy defending the rape charge filed against him.

The letter was written on September 16 and handed over to Apostolic Nuncio, representative of the Pope in India.

Earlier, in a circular issued on September 13, the bishop announced the handing over of charge of the diocese’s administration to Fr Mathew Kokkandam.

The bishop has been summoned for questioning by Kerala Police on September 19 and is expected to stay put in the state for several days. He might also have to travel to Kerala several times.

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