Man rapes minor stepdaughter

AHMEDABAD: A 38-year-old man was arrested by Adalaj police late on Wednesday night after a complaint of rape on his stepdaughter by his wife. Police have started probe on the basis of the statements by the survivor, her mother and other family members. Forensics experts collected evidences from the spot as the girl was sent for medical check-up on Wednesday.
According to Adalaj police, Meena (name changed), 34, had got married to Jivanram (name changed), working at a brick-kiln unit near Zundal. Meena, a widow, has two daughters aged 13 and 15 years. Jivanram has four sons from his earlier marriage. The family lives in a shanty in premises of the kiln.
“On February 5, Jivanram came home and after dinner slept in the front room where all the family members were sleeping. According to Meena’s complaint, he demanded sex with the 15-year-old which she refused vehemently. Angry, Jivanram beaten her up and told her just to hold her tongue as he brought the girl on the bed and raped her,” said an investigator.
Jivanram did not report to work the next day. However, on Wednesday, Meena approached Adalaj police as soon as Jivanram left the house. “She had presence of mind not to allow the girl to take a bath and preserve the clothes worn by her. We asked her about her future as the rape case coupled with POCSO would keep Jivanram behind bars for many years. Meena said that she would do anything but would not live with him for one more day,” said an official, adding that she kept quiet as she knew that her move might harm her along with others.
Y R Vaghela, in-charge inspector of Adalaj police station, said that the accused has been arrested on charges of assault and intimidation along with rape. “The girl was sent for medical examination on Wednesday as the statements of the family members are being recorded,” he said.
Investigators said that a team led by scientific officer G P Darbar visited the spot and identified the mattress and clothes worn by the accused and survivor from the spot which have been sent for the forensic examination. Primary probe has revealed traces of body fluids which would be matched with the control samples, said officials. If needed, forensic questioning of the survivor would also take place in presence of a counsellor, they added.

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