Mentally ill woman raped in Amroli

SURAT: A 25-year-old mentally ill woman from Amreli district was raped by an unidentified man during her stay in the Diamond City four months ago.
The fact came to light when she was taken to a doctor for examination after she complained of stomach ache and was found to be pregnant. The woman told police that she was raped by a man who came to watch TV when she was alone at home with her sister’s three children in Amroli area of the city.
The woman has lodged a complaint at Lilya police station. After registering the compliant, police transferred it to Surat’s Amroli police station.
Police investigation revealed that the rape survivor had come to the city to help her sister in babysitting. Since her sister and her husband go to work in a diamond unit from 8am, they needed help to take care of their children. The rape survivor had stayed for a few days with her sister’s family in Amroli when the accused raped her.
She told police that a young man of around 25 years of age with pimple marks on his face had come to watch TV at her sister’s house when she was alone with the children. The accused talked to her for some time and then raped her.
“It seems that due to her condition, the woman did not realize then that she had been raped. She did not discuss the incident with anyone then. When she became pregnant, the family came to know about it,” police said.
Police are now trying to identify the person. Police suspect someone living in the neighbouring house must have raped the woman. They are taking statements of neighbours to identify the person. The rape survivor’s father is unemployed.

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