New wave of Indian brutalities in IoK

HUMAN Rights Watch, a New York based leading Human Rights entity has condemned Indian army chief’s statement justifying the use of Kashmiris as human shields against protestors as “criminal leadership.” Executive Director, Kenneth Roth, took strong exception to the shameful position Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has taken on the issue of an Indian army Major Teetal Gogoi using a Kashmiri man as human shield in the disputed territory.
Indian Defence Minister Arun Jaitley has also expressed his support for Major Gogoi’s actions and said it was the officer’s responsibility “to save the lives of those involved in the by-election that day as well as the crowd that had gathered”. Communist Party of India’s (CPI) Kerala secretary, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, aptly responded to Jaitley’s statement: “They (Indian troops) can do anything to anybody. If they see more than four people standing together, they can shoot them…They can take any woman and rape her, nobody has the right to question them. This is the state wherever the army is.” Kavita Krishnan, secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association CPI (Marxist–Leninist), reacted: “No wonder, the Kunan Poshpora incident and the incidents in Manipur still haunt the Indian army. If the romance between the ruling government and the army continues, the Indian army will soon lose all its credibility from the masses as well”. Last year, Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union president, had also brought forth the fact that some Indian army soldiers, as a matter of routine, rape women in Kashmir.
An actor turned parliamentarian, Paresh Rawal, also caused outrage by suggesting that author and activist Arundhati Royn, known for her respect towards Human Rights and leaning towards just struggle of Kashmiris for accruing their right of self-determination, should be tied to an army jeep and used as a human shield. “Instead of tying stone pelter on the army jeep tie Arundhati Roy!” Rawal had stated. However, taking notice of the inhuman incident, former Chief Minister of IoK, Omar Abdullah has expressed his shock. “This young man was TIED to the front of an army jeep to make sure no stones were thrown at the jeep? This is just so shocking!!!!,” he tweeted.
Indian efforts to project Kashmiris’ indigenous movement in IoK as foreign funded terrorism are not new. They have been making efforts since long, albeit with no success, to deny Kashmiris their genuine right of self-determination. The scale of the movement is so wide-spread that no one believes that it could be driven from outside. Young Kashmiris are on the driving seat of this struggle. This generation has been witnessing Indian brutalities ever since they were born. They have memories of some near and dear ones killed, raped maimed or blinded mercilessly by Indian security forces. Most of them are first hand witnesses of India’s unabated repression, humiliation and torture of the indigenous Kashmiris. These protestors include victims of treacherous pellet guns, rape, unprovoked firing, forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings by Indian occupation forces with complete impunity.
The purpose of India’s portrayal of stone pelters as terrorists, or finding baseless linkages of Hurriyat leadership with terror funding is to deflect world’s attention from blatant and ruthless human rights violations its monsters are carrying out in IoK under the cover of security. The world has rejected Indian claims of infiltration and equating of indigenous movement for self-determination with terrorism. The struggle of the Kashmiri people against Indian repression is purely indigenous. Pakistan remains committed to extending political, moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiris’ legitimate movement for right of self-determination. Indian attempts to mislead the world by projecting the indigenous movement for self-determination as terrorism will never succeed.
One could recall that in 2009, mass graves were discovered in IoK by the “International People Tribunal on Jammu & Kashmir”. Tribunal had identified 2700 graves and compiled a report. Findings had revealed that those unnamed and unmarked mass graves were of Kashmiri youth, who were brutally killed in fake encounters by Indian occupation forces. This had amply exposed Indian lies about infiltration from across the LoC and their campaign to malign Pakistan. Now Indian Interior Minister, Rajnath Singh, has claimed that India has found a “permanent solution” to Kashmir issue. India may be planning to speed up the genocide of defenceless Kashmiris. However, the solution in Indian Occupied Kashmir does not lie in killings and torture, policy that India is following in IoK; but in the realisation of the right of self-determination as mandated under the UN Security Council Resolutions. India has historically had problems with all its neighbours and it always generates brutal military response against domestic political descent. All minorities live under the shadow of perpetual insecurity in India; they never know when the monster of state terrorism would be unleashed upon them. The Kashmiri victims of Indian brutalities have been watching the International Community’s indifference. During the last week Indian security forces have martyred more than a dozen innocent Kashmiris, including three in extra-judicial killing. During the last month, 28 Kashmiris were martyred, 945 were seriously injured and many hundreds arbitrarily arrested.
Pakistan has always called for an amicable settlement of disputes between the countries in this region and beyond in the larger interest of regional peace and stability. India has double standards when it comes to contentious issues. To serve its own interests, India would not hesitate in violating even the Security Council Resolutions and International Agreements. It is time for the UNSG and the UNHCR to take cognisance of the worsening situation in IoK. President Trump should also step forward and deliver on his campaign day promise of settling the Kashmir dispute.

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