No girl will file rape case over a fight: Delhi court

NEW DELHI: While convicting a man for raping a 22-year-old private company employee, a court observed that a girl will not falsely implicate an innocent person on a grave charge like rape because she had a fight with him. It added that not every rape survivor can be expected to immediately run to the police station and file a complaint after the incident.
“There is nothing to disbelieve the prosecution story that the accused has committed the offence of rape and criminal intimidation. Hence, the accused is convicted for the commission of offences…,” additional sessions judge Praveen Kumar said.

The incident, according to the survivor’s statement, took place on January 18 last year when she left home for work and was walking towards the bus stop. Rajender, whom she had seen two or three times earlier, forcibly dragged her inside a field and raped her. He also threatened to kill her if she told anyone about it. The accused claimed the woman had trespassed into his fields. He alleged that an altercation took place between them and she fell down when she tried to run away.
Rajender argued that when the “forcible assault” was committed, one would expect some injuries but the survivor had none. The court pointed out, “It is not expected that every rape survivor should have injuries on her body to prove her case.” The court added, “It is not believable that a girl would falsely implicate any innocent person in a grave offence like rape just for the reason that an altercation had taken place with her”.

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