One more held in ECR gang-rape

CHENNAI: Four days after a 20-year-old woman was gangraped on ECR, at Nedumaram near Cheyyar in Kancheepuram district, police on Friday arrested one more person in this connection.
Police, who had earlier believed the crime was committed by four people, confirmed that six men had sexually assaulted the woman after beating and chasing away her friend on Monday.
The arrested, who police identified as Dakhsinamoorthy, 24, Beemaroa, 23, Dinesh Kumar, 22 and Kadhiravan, 20, were later sent to jail. While Kadhiravan was the latest suspect to be picked up, police are now looking for Dayanidhi and Vijay.
All the six suspects, police said, lived in the same village as the rape survior and four of them were known to her.Two of the suspects had earlier been lodged in prison for selling arrack.
The 20-year-old survior and her friend, colleagues at a garments store in Koovathur on ECR, were in a relationship, police said. On Monday , after their shop closed, they went to a deserted stretch at Nedumaram and were sitting under a tree when the gang members encircled them.
In her statement to police, the rape survivor said the men then beat and sent away her friend.
They ignored her pleadings and took turns in raping her at knifepoint, she added. Later, warning her against revealing the matter to her parents, they sent her home.
The survivor and her friend lodged a complaint with the Cheyyar police on Wednesday.
“The woman revealed that all the gang members were from her village and she had known four of them. She had often seen see them working at construction sites in the area,” said a police officer.
Based on the identity given by the woman, police nabbed the four suspects from the village on Thursday and Friday . Most of the residents of the village expressed shock over the heinous crime.
Some of them told investigators that rarely did any member of the village visit the stretch where the crime occurred and that the poorly lit area was frequented by drunkards, police said.

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