Witnesses film Indian woman’s rape instead of helping

A WOMAN was sexually assaulted on a street in India in broad daylight, but the reaction from passers-by made the attack more harrowing.

A DRUNK man raped a woman in broad daylight on a street in India over the weekend — and instead of trying to help, onlookers pulled out their phones and videotaped the heinous crime.
The sex attack happened near a railway station in the Indian city of Visakhapatnam at 2:30pm Sunday, the Hindustan Times reported.
The suspect, identified as Ganji Siva, a 23-year-old truck cleaner, was arrested for the attack on the 43-year-old victim, according to the news outlet.
“Apparently, she was very weak as she had not eaten for several hours and was sleeping on the footpath under the shadow of a tree, when Siva, in an inebriated condition assaulted her sexually,” police inspector K. Suresh told the Hindustan Times.
But instead of calling for help, passers-by pulled out their phones, reports the New York Post.
“Some of them were more interested in capturing the incident on their mobile phones. After some time, an auto driver, RG Srinu, shot a short video of it and brought it to our notice,” the police inspector said.
Video of the horrific incident shows the man sexually assaulting the victim before witnesses, according to the report.
“It clearly shows how the people have become insensitive to attacks on women,” said Suresh.

By the time police responded to the scene, Siva had fled, but cops later tracked him down and arrested him.
He was ordered to two weeks of judicial remand, according to the report.
The victim was taken to an area hospital for a medical evaluation following the incident.
A day before the attack, the victim left her home following a family dispute, the report said.

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